Made in Lieu

You want a shirt that will go seven rounds a week. A jacket without the zipper, a button-down without the buttons. Something to take to the trails, or the bars, that you don't have to drop at the coat check. Original, unadultered by logos, ripe for stains, and ready for your surprisingly rough-and-tumble lifestyle. Jeans for your torso. A khaki hybrid. Oh yea, and for $30. These are clothes for folks unsatisfied with the current state of clothing. Clothes that innovate, shy away from outlet malls, absent of the Rodeo Drive ego. This is a brand made in lieu of everything else

the denim sweater - heavy denim (like your jeans) - $30

the Khaki sweater
heavy cotton twill
(like your khaki pants)


Who are we?
Eric and Zach, not your average fashionistas
How is it only $30?
Big companies rarely use all their fabric so we reclaim their leftovers for cheap
Made in New York, and limited edition?
Yep, the production of shirts is limited by the amount of available leftover fabric, so each batch is totally unique, and made in small quantities locally in brooklyn
Nice things other people have said
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Trouble Deciding on a style?
Shoot us an email with your mailing address and we'll send you a small piece of each fabric
Contact Info
hello [at]
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can I buy online?
yes!dark, light, inside out (d), inside out (l), navy, khaki
Where else can I buy these things?
NYC weekend markets - we'll keep you posted here
Perfect Nothing - Brooklyn
Where else have these things been?
MOMA PS1 - SEPT 2012
What about short-sleeve sweaters!?
XS - small girl
S - regular girl
M - guy from brooklyn
L - guy with muscles
XL - large guy

history: a look back at past shirts (a few still available for $20)
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